How to Deal with a Dose of Change


The car died. The landlord is selling the house. There’s a turnover in management at the office. Family members get sick. Babies are born. I could go on…

How do you deal with a changing environment?

My normal routine took an abrupt turn during the previous year. This past May we were blessed with twin boys, my work schedule remains the same, I’m still pursuing a degree, and I blog at least once a week on top of all this. I could go on and on. My creative passion for leadership and business hasn’t dwindled while external factors are changing the world around me.

The world we live in isn’t static, it is constantly changing around us. How you handle those changes will ultimately leave a mark on you as a leader.

So what do you do when faced with abrupt changes, uncomfortable situations, unfamiliar circumstances, and glaring adversity?

The DOSE Acronym

Deliver… Then Over Deliver

Don’t let your performance drop during a period of change. Yes, it can be tough to maintain momentum when things are changing. Yes, you might have to work just a little bit harder to find a new normalcy. It can and will be difficult to maintain course. Strong leaders don’t let external factors affect performance. This is the most important time to raise your chin and move forward. Failing to do so could mean… well, failing.

Own the Change

Taking ownership is going to be the best way to deal with change. Once you know what the interruption is, you can take charge of it. That’s just what great leaders do. Secondly, if it is something out of your control, taking ownership of it will give you an “in” allowing you to possibly have an impact on how those changes affect you. Get plugged in so that you don’t feel like you’re getting run over.

Stay Calm!

Think of your normalcy like a body of calm water. Any disruption causes a ripple or a wave. If you let a ripple turn into a tidal wave, you’ve already lost control. The best thing you can do is remain calm amidst the chaos of change. You may end up doing something you regret later by erupting at the inception. It is important to take a step back before stepping forward. Calm waters are much easier to navigate.

Embrace the Change

If you go with it, you can grow with it. Take hold of the situation, accept it and move forward. Don’t get too comfortable either, because more change is around the corner. How you handle it will ultimately make a mark on you as a leader. In fact, be looking for the next change because it might look intimidating but chances are it is a real opportunity. [Tweet It!]

Are you willing to ‘change’ the way you view disruption and handle adversity?

Photo Credit: Nanagyei via Compfight cc